Make money, make history.

Here at Navona, we’re working hard to create the world’s first community real estate investment platform. MyArenaFund will be an SEC Regulation A+, Tier-2 Real Estate Investment Trust (or REIT). Ours is specifically designed to bring commercial real estate investment to sports fans everywhere, and to provide them with dividend-paying returns on a quarterly basis. While our fund still requires SEC approval before soliciting or accepting capital, our mission is to lay the groundwork of a revolutionary new platform for community fundraising.

Investing shouldn’t be limited to the wealthy, and for the first time ever, the legislation of the JOBS act now allows everyday people to own a stake in their cities and their passions. That’s why MyArenaFund is dedicated to providing safe and profitable opportunities on both the local and national scale. Our crowdsourced solutions can help bring professional sports teams to your city, or even help get them back after they’ve left. And when it comes time to invest, our flexible stock options provide the best of both worlds: the liquidity of a market share combined with the lessened financial risk of a real estate trust.

Your passions have never been so profitable.

Since 2006, American municipalities have leveraged almost $17 Billion in taxpayer funds and government bond issues to finance professional sports stadiums. Comparatively little of the income generated by these venues returns to the municipality, and none to individual taxpayers, who pay again and again through costs associated with ticket, merchandise, and subscription purchases. MyArenaFund replaces this model with a crowd-invested, alternative financing vehicle that enables fans and local communities to invest in stadiums directly, without the need for government subsidies.

In 2016, there were an estimated $5 Billion of stadium, arena or entertainment districts either proposed, pending, or in construction—with even more deals coming out in 2017 and beyond. Our strategy is to capture an equity of each of these developments. In addition, we expect to advance our participation further with higher capitalization in a year over year forward projection. But we can’t do it without you! Passionate fans are the most critical part of our venture. Without you, professional sports franchises cannot exist. So, instead of paying for sports venues through our taxes (with zero personal financial return), fans and local communities now have the ability to change the game⎯⎯as newly appointed arena shareholders!